DO YOU Recognise These Issues?

  • Do your colleagues/competitors enjoy better opportunities because they stand out more by being well-dressed and communicating better?
  • Are your colleagues getting promoted ahead of you even though you are as capable as they are – just because they dress well & communicate confidently with your clients and bosses?
  • Do your colleagues and competitors reach higher sales targets just because they ‘look the part’ & ‘act the part’ more than you?
  • Are you preparing for an exciting change in your career or business and you need to seriously look into Dressing and Communicating for Success?
  • Experienced weight gain or moved to a different stage of your life and really need a style update?

About Image Success

Clients come to us because they want to climb the corporate ladder—FAST!
Using Purposeful Communication

Personal Branding is defined as what people say when you are not in the room
How you Look, Behave, Communicate and what you are known for—your Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

Our proprietary methodology combines the principles of
Image Management (Appearance, Communication and Etiquette) with Public Relations

We have been training colour and style consultants for over 25 years and Joanne proved herself to be one of the finest. She has a keen eye for colour, a skill in wardrobing and dressing, and a heart for supporting her clients in personal growth and presentation.

–Carla Mathis, CIM, international image master

Jo _ Carla Mediacorp

Our Esteemed Clients

Our Methodology

Our Proven Process

Here’s more information about what we will cover in our 3-Step Proprietary Process
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We will find out about you, your current job scope, future career aspirations and observe how you come across to others. This is the foundation on which we will build your Image Profile©.

We will determine your unique Image DNA© based on your natural colour pattern, body features, communication style and etiquette needs. Using time-tested and current principles of Appearance, Communication & Etiquette—we will show you what colours, styles, communication and etiquette best suit you—so that you can express your authentic and best YOU, at all times.

Customised to YOU, based on your Image Profile© and Image DNA©, we will craft personal brand messages and Image Strategies© for YOU to leverage the power of inside-out personal branding.

Our Expertise

You will be personally guided by certified image consultants with experience of helping entrepreneurs and mid to top-level management to get insights into crafting their own unique personal brand, through their dressing and communication.

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